Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Redwood Shores Library, Redwood City

CC and I went out to visit the new library in Redwood Shores today as we were out and about exploring. I really like this little library and it's great/safe/clean neighborhood. Upon entering you are greeted by a child/tween friendly exhibit on the local wildlife habitats inclusive of flat panel/interactive screens, very impressive. The colors and furniture are all age appropriate for their many sectioned areas including quiet reading room, teen room, storytelling area, and toddler play zone. The windows all face out to the bay trail and at 10:00 in the morning it is very bright and refreshing. I didn't find their book selection to be as inclusive/impressive a their larger rivals RWC Downtown Library or SC Library but luckily the county system allows you to have books transferred to your neighborhood library for a nominal fee. I also love that there is a cafe (horizon's deli cafe) INSIDE the library for when your tummy starts to grumble or when you forgot your child's snack & juice on the kitchen counter.

We recommend visiting for a story time and picnic lunch or dinner on the cafe patio on bring your own blanket for a private feast on the grass!

*Book Drop Off Bin~Easy to drop off your books without having to haul your tikes out of the car! Not as great as the downtown locations' book "drive thru" as this one has a parking space to pull into, but still a great feature.
*Cafe Inside
*Access to the Bay Trail

Room for Improvement
*There is a family restroom but don't look for it near the adult restrooms, you'll find it in the story book section (no general signage regarding it's location) and family restrooms should include or should be located near a mother's/nursing room with a large chair. Mom's shouldn't have to hunt around for a place to feed their child in a quiet space!
*Trail and landscaping should include plants or fencing to create a barrier or boundary to keep small children from running/falling downhill into the bay or down the relatively steep hills alongside the library.

Tip: Can't keep all the locations/times etc for local play opportunities for your child straight? Create an online calendar using yahoo calendar or google calendar etc. with recurring appts for these activities, send reminders to your email. Your a "paper calendar" kind of gal? Easy, print it out at the beginning of the month and write on top!
Tuesdays 7pm Ages 3-8 Bedtime Stories
Thursdays 10:30 am Ages 3-8 Preschool Stories
Thursdays 11:00 am Ages 0-18 months Tiny Tales
First Saturdays 11:00 Paws for Tales...Dogs love stories too
Second Saturdays 11:00am Hindi Storytime

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